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It seems that everyone has a mobile application store nowadays… Why not the developers?


There are a dozen of mobile phone application stores out there right? All major mobile phone manufactures have already published an app store or are planning of doing it in the near future. Apple made one, Blackberry made one, Nokia made one, Microsoft made one (at least they tried), all of them are going towards that direction (Samsung-Sony Ericsson-Google)... 

But what if there was another way, a better way for the developer and the customer! What if there was another mobile application store, different from all the rest! Imagine a store made from the developers… aiming the customers; no middle man. My idea is simple. The Developer Store (dev store)! There is no such thing now but all great things start from a simple idea. Read full article inside

Mobile app stores comparison: I believe Windows Marketplace sucks the most!

appstorerace.jpgThere are many App Stores for mobile devices out there, some are successfull and some suck big-time... Why is that? In this article I will try to analyze 6 of the main App stores out there: Apple App Store, Windows Marketplace, Android Market, Blackberry App World, Nokia Ovi Store, Samsung Application Store and search for the reasons behind their success (or doom!). 

Success order (my personal opinion):
1) Apple App Store
2) Blackberry App World
3) Nokia Ovi Store
4) Android Market
5) Samsung Application Store
6) Windows Marketplace

Imagine that the mobile App Stores battle is a marathon race: then we could say that Apple is leading it, Blackberry-Nokia and Samsung started very promising. Behind them Google can’t find his rhythm when everybody is wondering: Where is Microsoft?

Read full article inside

The first review of CrazySoft's new game Trigna. Try it, its great!

Beware our fellow readers; has got for you the first exclusive review of Trigna from CrazySoft folks. Let’s start from the beginning: What the heck ‘Trigna’ means? The developers say this comes from the Greek word ‘Trigona’ (yes… without the ‘o’) which in the first place means ‘triangles’. I can verify that this is the case in this game, it’s all about triangles. Click here to read the full review.

Our verdict:
Congratulations to the CrazySoft  team for a fantastic original game. I can’t be mistaken because I am stuck on my phone since I started playing and I can’t help it! I believe we have something great here guys; maybe a ‘trigna’ mania is rising…

New exciting game by Crazysoft called 'Fruitaholic'. Nice one!

Today will we put to the test, the latest game by CrazySoft called ‘Fruitaholic’. To cut things short it’s a cannibal who is fruitaholic!!! Yes, you read correctly it’s a cannibal who is addicted to eating fruits, and precious stones and rocks… The game idea is basically this: Try to move fruits so that there are the same fruits on the same rows of each cauldron, then the cannibal can eat it. If you move around the fruits without any outcome then the temperature and fire is risen and soon if you keep this up you will burn one row of fruits and it will become useless and unmovable. The game seems like a simple puzzle game but as you will read below its much more than that…

Its definitely a game that stands out from the rest! Charge your phones then and try it.

Preliminary review of the new Samsung Bada Wave S8500


This is one of the most rapid devices on the market on the speed of the operation of interface. First telephone from bluetoth 3.0 and WiFi of b/g/n. For the first time in the device is used Super AMOLED, and also processor for the working graphs and the technology of mDNIe. Also there is a sonic processor. The housing metallic, glass- covers screen. Built-in memory, plus of the map of memory. Outstanding set of functions, a good browser. Social Of hub, which integrates all social activities. You know, I can transfer these pluses very for long. Even in the absence programs for Bada, this solution already appears extremely strong. In its segment these are extremely strong player, one of the best models of the first half-year of 2010. A question about the cost remains open. You will assume it. Think, how much they will ask for this apparatus? In Europe its price will be about 450 Euros at the end in April. After flag officer from Samsung this is extremely adequate cost, yes even the possibility of apparatus tell they themselves for itself. Tasty proposal in all senses. It is nearer at the beginning sales, we will renew this preliminary survey and will describe to you about all possibilities of telephone very in detail. Model deserves this, it will clearly become one of the sign not only for Samsung, but also for the industry as a whole, it assigns the lath of quality and cost. Read the full review here

Nokia Ovi Maps let you do navigation instructions with your Own Voice

"Yo TomTom, wake up and smell the competition. While the original gangster of navigation devices is still mulling over an app store, Nokia has raised the smartphone pathfinding bar a little higher by letting people record (and share) their own voice instructions. It's not the most complex process in the world, you just get the extra Own Voice app to go with the latest version of Ovi Maps and set your vocal talents free. At the end you'll get a neat little voice pack to utilize on your handset or to share with the world, which is surely just dying to hear your Mr. T impressions. Let the silliness commence!" via engadget

iPhone OS 4 unveiled

"Just a bit more than a year after we first laid eyes on iPhone OS 3.0, Apple is back with the latest big revision of the OS that powers the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. iPhone OS 4 is shipping this summer (iPad in the fall), and the developer preview will be out today. iPhone 3GS and new-gen iPod touch will get all the features, but some features won't make it to the iPhone 3G, original iPhone, and older iPod touches. The biggest new feature is multitasking, which Apple says is going to be the "best" implementation in the smartphone space, though it's obviously not the first. App switching is activated by double tapping the home button, which pulls up a "dock" of currently running apps, and Apple claims it can do this without hurting battery life or performance for the front app. Unfortunately, this multitasking won't be available for devices older than the 3GS and new iPod touch. Multitasking is just one of seven different new "tentpole" features, including Game Center, enhanced Mail, and more..." via engadget

Nokia Qt SDK in Beta cross platform development toolkit

"This week Nokia announced the launch and beta availability of the Nokia Qt SDK, a single 'easy-to-use' software development kit (SDK) for Symbian and MeeGo application development. The SDK is, effectively, an evolution of the Qt SDK, with specific focus on, and support for, Nokia's mobile devices. It provides a complete tool chain for creating, developing, testing, packaging and deploying Qt applications. The SDK is available for both Windows and Linux (Mac support is being investigated) and can be downloaded from the Forum Nokia website. Read on for more details. " Via

Why the Nokia N97 sucks and why it still rules

Nokia N97
"If there's such a thing as a popular whipping bag in the mobile world, the Nokia N97 surely has to be it. The original S60 5th Edition flagship has undergone so many troubles and humiliations in the last 12 months that it should surely be six feet under by now. And yet, despite having ready access to any phone in the world, my main SIM card is currently in... the Nokia N97. Here's why it sucks... and why it still rules. In an understated, misunderstood, jack of all trades way...." Read inside by

Announcing the release of bada SDK 1.0.0b2, available to all developers!

Samsung releases Bada SDK for developers who want to get ahead of  the Wave

"We are happy to announce a beta release of the bada SDK, Samsung’s new open mobile platform. With this release, you can create your own applications. These applications can be deployed and tested on the Wave phone, which is Samsung’s first bada-powered device.

The SDK includes several components: an integrated development environment (IDE), Simulator, UI builder, sample applications, documentation and tutorials. Samsung bada’s IDE is based on the Eclipse CDT (C/C++ Development Tools), which is a popular development environment used by many mobile developers. The Simulator provides a local test environment without the need for a physical handset." via